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I’m Daniel McCarthy. I live and work in Auckland, New Zealand as an SEO Analyst. I’m trying to rank #1 in Google for Daniel McCarthy NZ so I’ll just pop this random sentence in here. I’m also a songwriter covering a number of musical genres including rock, electronic, urban, jazz and experimental. Music is my thing, so If you’re here for that, then go here.

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Search Engine Optimisation

There’s not much point in having a website if no one can find it. This is something that all SEO professionals will tell you, and it’s true. 

Search Engine Optimisation sounds much more complicated than it actually is. The basic idea is very simple… and we offer some of the most effective SEO NZ has to offer.

Google’s objective is to display accurate and high quality search results to the 3.5 billion searches made every day across the world… and they’re getting better at it.

What about my website?

At the moment, your website is just one of millions out there trying to be found. You most likely aren’t the only person in your area of expertise, so you have competitors. Some of your competitors are hiring SEO Specialists to improve their rankings, and some aren’t. Businesses who do it properly, are taking advantage of 1000’s of free visitors to their websites daily. But beware, some SEO Consultants are snake oil salesmen. I’ve been in the industry for over 9 years, keeping up to date with all of Google’s latest changes. Starting off in the Waikato, offering SEO Hamilton wide, then branching out to the rest of New Zealand including Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and more.

We’re guessing you’ve put an immeasurable amount of time and effort into your business so far and have become frustrated with how your website performs in Google. We see this problem all the time and have had years of experience solving online problems and improving rankings in Google. 

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Daniel McCarthy NZ

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